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Styli for Faro arms

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Faro stylus assembly

Renishaw design and manufacture a range of styli specifically suited to Faro arms, using dedicated machinery and equipment.

These Faro styli have balls that are bonded to the high strength tungsten carbide stem with impact resistant adhesive. Specialist construction techniques have been incorporated to ensure that the joint between the body and stem is extremely rigid and virtually indestructible.

Use the stylus configurator to choose from Renishaw's range of styli suited to Faro arms.


Which stylus? 

The table below shows the Renishaw and corresponding Faro part number for each Faro stylus: 

Renishaw part number Faro part number Description
A-5003-7673 12453 3 mm zirconia ball probe


12454 6 mm zirconia ball probe
A-5003-7675 Probe0071 Point probe
A-5003-7676 Probe0066 1/8" zirconia ball probe with M6 thread
A-5003-7677 Probe0068 1/4" zirconia ball probe
A-5003-7678 Probe0065 3 mm zirconia ball probe with M6 thread
A-5003-7679 Probe0067 6 mm zirconia ball probe with M6 thread