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MI-8-4 interface

MI-8-4 Interface

About MI 8-4

MI 8-4 The MI 8 / MI 8-4 interfaces process signals from Renishaw hard wired probes and convert them into voltage-free Solid State Relay (SSR) outputs for transmission to the CNC machine control.


SSR converter

The SSR converter is used to convert the OCT electrical output of the high precision arm (HP Arms series) with TS20 and signal conditioning module to voltage-free SSR output.


MI 8-4 interface

Interface for hard wired probes that processes signals between a trigger probe and the CNC control. The MI 8-4 is also compatible with the Fanuc Direct Measurement input option.


MI 8-4 ordering information

Part number Description
A-2157-0001 MI 8-4 interface
A-2023-0010 SSR converter

Data sheet

  • MI 8-4 interface unit data sheet MI 8-4 interface unit data sheet

    The MI 8-4 interface processes the probe signal from a hard wired probe and converts it into the correct format to connect into a controller's probe input.


Installation and user's guide