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NC4 non-contact laser tool setter



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A range of non-contact tool setting and broken tool detection systems for machining centres.

Available in separate (modular) and fixed (compact) formats to suit a range of machine configurations.

About NC4

The NC4 allows fast, non-contact tool setting and tool breakage detection on a variety of machining centres. Available as fixed system and separate system variants, the NC4 incorporates the unique MicroHole™ protection system and the innovative failsafe PassiveSeal™, maintaining IPX8 environmental protection.


Recently introduced to the fixed NC4 range are the F95, F115 and F230 compact series, offering new performance standards in small packages, using the same transmitter and receiver units as the NC4 separate and modular fixed systems.

With all NC4 systems, precision optics are supplied as standard. These enable the compact series to achieve un-surpassed performance in a unit particularly suited to small machines and machines where space is at a premium.

NC4 features and benefits

  • Compact design is ideal for machines previously unsuitable for large non-contact systems
  • Precise tool length and tool diameter measurement
  • Only 1 M-code required
  • NC4 measures and detects tools of ø 0.03 mm or larger (dependent on separation and mounting)

NC4 specification

Specification Fixed Separate
Laser type Class 2, Visible red light < 1 mW 670 nm Same
Laser beam alignment Adjuster pack Optional mounting brackets
Electrical connection Hard-wired cable on end of unit. Other options available on request. Hard-wired cable on underside of unit.
Repeatability of trigger points (2 sigma) ± 1.0 ยตm at 1 m separation Same
Minimum tool diameter for measurement ø 0.03 mm (0.001 in) or larger, depending on separation and set-up

ø 0.3 mm at 0.5 m separation

ø 1 mm at 5 m separation

Minimum tool diameter for breakage detection ø 0.03 mm (0.001 in) or larger, depending on separation and set-up

ø 0.1 mm at 0.5 m separation

ø 0.3 mm at 5 m separation

Air protection system

Supply pressure greater than 3 bar.

Air usage 8 litres / min.


Power supply

120 mA @ 12 V, 70 mA @ 30 V


Temperature limit

Operating: +5 ° C to + 50 ° C

Storage: -10 ° C to + 70 ° C

Dimensions Refer to data sheet ø 30 mm x 35 mm long
Separations available

F300 - 225 mm air gap

F230 - 170 mm air gap

F115 - 55 mm air gap

F95 - 23 mm air gap

0.5 m to 0.8 m

0.8 m to 1.5 m

1.5 m to 2 m

2 m to 3 m

3 m to 5 m

Other options available on request.

Sealing IP X8 Same

Single M10 / M12 fixing.

Alternative fixing arrangement available.

Fixing for M3 screws.

Compatible interface



Software for NC4

Renishaw's macro-based non-contact tool setting software is used to easily program tool setting and broken tool detection routines.


NC4 ordering information

Please contact your local Renishaw office for help with designing the NC4 system best suited to your application.


NC4 kits - Fixed(F) and Separate(S) systems
Part number Description
A-4114-5110 NC4 F300/225 with NCi-5 kit
A-4114-5060 NC4 S800 with NCi-5 kit
A-4114-5065 NC4 S1500 with NCi-5 kit
A-4114-5070 NC4 S2000 with NCi-5 kit
A-4114-5075 NC4 S3000 with NCi-5 kit
A-4114-5080 NC4 S5000 with NCi-5 kit
NC4 accessories
Part number Description
A-4114-4110 NC4 tool kit
A-4114-4500 NC4 air regulator kit
P-FI01-S002 NC4 air filter service kit
A-5259-2000 NCi-5 interface
A-4114-0082 NC4 access panel 0.2