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Renishaw Styli

Renishaw styli

ท่านสามารถ ศึกษา Stylus- อะไหล่หัวสัมผัส ของเรนิชอร์ได้ โดยดาวโหลดแคทตาล๊อค ข้างล่าง

A complete review of Renishaw's comprehensive range of styli for CMM and machine tool probes can be found in the Styli and accessories - technical specifications guide. Topics covered include:

  • Quick reference guide - a selection of our most popular styli
  • Ball material properties
  • Extension material properties
  • Accuracy at the point of contact - choosing the right stylus
  • M2 threaded stylus range
  • M3 threaded stylus range
  • M4 threaded stylus range
  • M5 threaded stylus range
  • Specialist ball materials
  • Accessories
  • Product listing by part number



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