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RX10 rotary axis calibrator


RX10 support

Renishaw is committed to the ongoing support of all RX10 system users.  Our policy is to fully support superseded products for a minimum of 5 years following the introduction of a new product. In line with this policy the latest version of LaserXL and Laser10 are available. For details see the calibration software page. We shall continue to offer a full recalibration and repair capability for all RX10's as well as the option to upgrade to the new XR20-W.

Benefits of the new XR20-W rotary axis calibrator

We believe that the XR20-W offers significant operational and performance benefits compared to the RX10 system. Its small size and weight increases portability and allows fixturing to a wide range of machines whilst the much simpler set up and operation allows significant cuts in overall testing time. As an added bonus the battery/wireless operation allows safer, 'closed doors' testing.


Upgrade packages

We are sure many RX10 users would like to benefit from the advances made by the XR20-W. To make that purchasing decision a lot easier very attractive discounts are available, subject to return of your current RX10.

XR20-W is fully compatible with XL-80 and 'generally compatible' with ML10. Due to the age of the ML10 design and the limits this imposes on software operation, there may be some infrequent test 'failures' when used with XR20-W. Please contact your local Renishaw office if you need further details.

If you factor in the possible cost of repairing or recalibrating your current RX10 and the added value you can get from operating an XR20-W, then justifying XR20-W purchase may be easier than you think.

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