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OSP60 Sprint


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On-machine scanning for high-speed, high-accuracy in-process control applications

The SPRINT system brings exceptional high-speed, high-accuracy scanning to CNC machine tools.

It records a constant stream of accurate 3D points across the part surface and analyses this data in real time on the CNC machine tool controller to provide game-changing opportunities for automated in-process control.

To maximise the potential offered by the superior technology and capability of the SPRINT system, Renishaw has produced a number of industry-focused applications allowing scanning to be easily adopted as the next generation of on-machine probing.

SPRINT: Blade Toolkit SPRINT: MTM Toolkit SPRINT: Machine Health Check SPRINT: Prismatic applications
SPRINT blade application icon 
  • High-speed measurement of blade sections
  • High data integrity even on leading and trailing edges
  • Designed to integrate into existing processes for adaptive machining capability
SPRINT MTM application icon 
  • Exceptionally repeatable measurement of diameters on multi-tasking machines
  • Enables completely new automatic measure-cut processes in the order of a few microns
  • Provides additional measurements of part run-out, machine centreline and circularity
SPRINT health-check icon 
  • Verify machine capability in less than a minute
  • Checks for kinematic centre errors and linear errors
  • Results are designed for use in Go / No-Go checks
SPRINT prismatic application 
  • High-speed scanning capability for circles, arcs and planes
  • Discrete point measurement for part set-up
  • Full suite of NC update capability for on-machine process control



For SPRINT system related documentation please visit SPRINT system downloads