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XR20-W rotary axis calibrator


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The XR20-W addresses the need for quick and easy testing on a wide range of machines and axis types. It does this by keeping all the features that made its RX10 predecessor a success but adding much simpler set up and operation.

Features and benefits

XR20-W rotary axis calibrator modular mounting

Automated calibration - The XR20-W is motorised and data capture is synchronised to axis movement, i.e. no operator intervention required during data capture.

High accuracy and repeatability - Measurement accuracy of ±1 arc second. All Renishaw systems are factory calibrated and delivered with traceable certification.

Use of Renishaw laser system - Provides a high integrity, non-contact reference measurement, remote from the axis under test.

The features above have been carried across from RX10, however the totally new design of XR20-W delivers many additional benefits:

Wireless operation

  • Lithium batteries and Bluetooth® communications give truly wireless operation
  • Provides for easier and quicker set up and avoids issues with trailing cables, eliminating the safety hazard these create

Flexible mounting system

  • The measurement system is now separate from the mounting system
  • This modular approach allows far simpler and quicker set-up and can be configured for a wide variety of rotary tables, lathes and other rotary axes

 Compact and light weight

  • Handling and fixing on machine can be achieved single handed
  • Easy cost effective transportation
  • Clearance issues on machine minimised
Off axis software

 Off axis capability

  • Off axis rotary software* allows use of XR20-W in many machine configurations where it is difficult to mount the system directly on the machines rotary axis pivot point
  • Provides a solution for testing many five axis machines

  * When used with suitable mounting bracket

New data collection software

  • RotaryXL enables quicker and more consistent test set up to give faster test results with increased confidence

Integrated target and alignment optics

  • Factory set alignment of retro-reflectors to XR20-W measurement axis minimises alignment and resulting measurement errors
  • A simple optical alignment aid helps minimise measurement errors. Alignment adjustments can even be made via software, providing quicker and safer working for the operator

Extended auto calibration and pre-test cycles

  • Pre-measurement calibration cycle compensates for remaining angular alignment errors
  • Data sampling during test overrun detects and sets axis direction sense and axis feedrate

Servo controlled drive

  • Rotary axis measurement speeds for larger angles (›5°) of up to 10 rpm
  • Uses unique, integrated rotary encoder technology

XR20-W specification


130 mm
Diameter 100 mm (150 mm on mounting plate)
Weight (XR20-W) 1.2 kg (Kit) 6.25 kg
Measurement accuracy (zero at 0°) ±1 arc sec
Angular target range up to 25 revolutions
Max rotational speed (‹5° axis rotation)
Max rotational speed (›5° axis rotation)
10 rpm
Bluetooth range Typically 5 - 10 metres


  • Bluetooth enabled (internally or with USB Bluetooth adaptor - Microsoft stack only).
  • Laser: Currently XL-80 laser only (ML10 compatibility planned)

 Kit contents

  • XR20-W kit contentsXR20-W
  • Mounting ring
  • Adaptor plate
  • Centration aid
  • Chuck adaptor
  • Rotary software kit including Rotary XL software, 
    XCal-View software and system manual
  • Battery charger
  • Batteries x 3
  • USB cable and mains adaptor
  • Peli™ case

RX10 to XR20-W upgrade

XR20-W superseded the RX10 calibrator system in 2011. We are sure many RX10 users would like to benefit from the additional benefits of XR20-W and the value it can add to their business. To make that purchasing decision a lot easier, very attractive discounts are available, subject to return of your current RX10.

If you factor in the cost of repairing or recalibrating your current RX10, then justifying XR20-W purchase may be easier than you think.

For more details see Offers and promotions.




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