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OMI-2 / OMI-2C Interface


About OMI-2

OMP60-OMI-2The OMI-2 optical machine interface is designed to reside in the machine's working envelope. Its purpose is to send and receive probe signals. The OMI-2, like the OMI, has the added benefit of supplying totem pole (transistor) output, thus eliminating the need for a separate MI 12 interface.

OMI-2 differs from the OMI in that it offers the new modulated transmission method, providing increased resistance to optical interference.  

About OMI-2C

OMI-2CThe OMI-2C is an alternative to the OMI-2, providing the same capability in a package that can be integrated into the machine's spindle housing.

The OMI-2C is suitable for use with Heidenhain and Siemens controllers.


Compatible probes

Renishaw's new generation of optical probes offers the new modulated transmission method, allowing them to be used with OMI-2, OMI-2C and OMI-2T combined interface/receiver units. These probes are also 'backward compatible'; they can be configured to communicate by the earlier legacy transmission method, so you can upgrade to a new generation probe module without having to upgrade your transmission units.

OMP40-2 - offers legacy and now modulated optical transmission methods

OMP60 - offers both legacy and modulated optical transmission methods

OMP400 - offers both legacy and modulated optical transmission methods


OMI-2 / OMI-2C specification

(refer to data sheet for full details)

Principal application Small-to-medium machining centres and lathes
Transmission type Infra-red optical 
Transmission range & angle Varies depending on probe.
Power supply 15 V to 30 V dc
Cable 8 m and 15 m standard lengths.

OMI-2: Screened, 13 core (each core 18 x 0.1 mm).

OMI-2C: 12-core polyurethane screened (each core 7 x 0.1 mm)

Mounting OMI-2: Mounting bracket allowing directional setting

OMI-2C: Specifically designed for mounting in the machine spindle housing

Sealing IPX8 
Compatible interface N/A

Ordering information

Part number Description
A-5191-0049 OMI-2 interface kit (8 m)
A-5191-0050 OMI-2 interface kit (15 m)


Data sheets

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