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RMI-Q combined transmitter


About RMI-Q

RMI-Q ThumbnailThe RMI-Q is a combined transmitter and receiver unit for use with RTS, NEW RMP60, RMP60, RMP600,RMP40 and RLP40 radio probes. It is designed to be mounted within the machine's working envelope and unlike an optical transmission system, line of sight between the probe and receiver is not necessary.

RMI-Q permits numerous combinations of radio inspection probes and/or radio tool setters to be used on the same machine tool.

RMI-Q features and benefits
  • Robust long-range communications make RMI-Q ideal for larger machines
  • Enables cable-free, multiple probe and tool setter systems
  • Suitable for all types of CNC machines
  • Delivers interference free transmission through the use of frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
  • Globally recognised 2.4 GHz waveband - compliant with radio regulations in all major markets


All compatible Renishaw radio probes must be partnered with the RMI-Q. The application of ReniKey is the recommended method for the partnering of multiple RTS/RMPs.

RMI-Q support software (Renishaw part no. A-5687-5000) is available from your local Renishaw distributor/office. This product provides controller specific ReniKey macro cycles for both Siemens and Heidenhain CNC machine tool controllers. A generic ReniKey macro cycle is also provided for use with most other CNC machine tool controller types.


Further information

For product specifications or a full parts list see the Installation guide below.



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