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RTS contact laser tool setter


About RTS

RTS (Radio tool setter)For broken tool detection and rapid tool length/diameter measurement use the RTS, Renishaw's first tool setting probe with radio transmission. The robust, compact and cable-free design allows freedom of table movement, ideal for twin pallet or rotary table machines.

The RTS uses AA batteries.

The RTS uses the RMI-Q radio interface for multiple probe use.


RTS features and benefits

  • RTS ThumbnailRapid measurement of tool length and diameter on a variety of machine tools
  • Cable free for unrestricted machine movement and ease of installation
  • Trigger Logic™ for quick and easy setup
  • Delivers interference free transmission through the use of frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
  • Globally recognised 2.4 GHz waveband - compliant with radio regulations in all major markets

Software for RTS

Renishaw tool setting software allows you to set tool length and diameter offsets for single point and multiple point tools, perform in-cycle broken tool detection and manual or automatic updates.



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