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Stylus for Zeiss

News: An expanding product range

As a supplier of probe systems for selected Zeiss CMMs, Renishaw has increased its range to enable users of all Zeiss machines to benefit from the high precision specifications associated with all Renishaw styli. The range is compatible with Zeiss analogue probe systems without probe changing, measuring heads with probe changers and dynamic probe heads.


New products: Zeiss Vast XXT adaptor plates and styli

New to the range and available for immediate delivery! We are pleased to announce the introduction of styli and adaptor plates for the Zeiss Vast XXT scanning sensor. TL1, TL2 and TL3 adaptor plates are available along with a vast selection of M3 styli designed specifically for these plates.


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For further information and to view the complete range please see Styli for Zeiss applications.